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Collect feedback from users of Model-Driven Apps using the App Rating feature.

In this blogpost, we will learn to collect feedback from users of Model-Driven Apps using the App Rating feature. Before we begin, ensure you subscribe to CRM Crate to remain informed about the latest developments in the Power Platform field.

Collect feedback from users of Model-Driven Apps using the App Rating feature.

A Model-Driven App in Microsoft Power Platform is like having a tailored suit for your business processes. It’s a specialized application that allows you to create sophisticated, data-centric solutions without writing extensive code. With Model-Driven Apps, you can design intuitive user interfaces, streamline workflows, and access a wide range of data sources seamlessly.
These apps are particularly powerful because they are built on the Dataverse, which provides a unified and scalable data platform. This means you can integrate data from various sources such as Dynamics 365, Office 365, and custom applications, creating a cohesive and comprehensive solution.
Model-Driven Apps are highly customizable, allowing you to define data models, design layouts, and configure business rules to match your specific requirements. They also offer robust security features, ensuring that data access is controlled and protected according to your organization’s policies. In essence, Model-Driven Apps empower businesses to digitize and optimize their processes effectively, driving efficiency, collaboration, and innovation across the organization.

How to gather feedback from users of Model-Driven Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps allows app users to share their feedback regarding their app experience. Through the app ratings feature, app makers and administrators can access the app’s satisfaction score along with comments submitted by users. This feedback collection process adheres to all international privacy regulations. Moreover, the feature seamlessly integrates with solution checker, performance insights, and live monitoring tools, providing makers with valuable data to enhance their app.

Follow the below steps for accessing App Ratings in solution maker.

  1. Open Power App Maker Portal ( with valid credentials.
  2. On the left hand pane, select Apps, and then select a model-driven app.
  3. Click on more settings (…), select Details, and then select Ratings (preview).
Collect feedback from users of Model-Driven Apps using the App Rating feature.
Collect feedback from users of Model-Driven Apps using the App Rating feature.

You can also improve your application’s performance by using the features given in the App Rating such as “Run Solution Checker“, “Review Performance”, “Launch Monitor”, “Improve Usability”.

Here are the advantages of this feature:

  • It gives you an overview of the app satisfaction score, rated from 0 to 200.
  • It shows the score trend over the past 90 days, allowing you to track changes.
  • It differentiates satisfaction scores based on whether users accessed the app via web or mobile, as well as the specific browser they used.

Gaining a better understanding of the level of satisfaction score among users.

From time to time, Power Apps asks users to rate the app based on their activity within it, using the following questions:

Collect feedback from users of Model-Driven Apps using the App Rating feature.
  1. How satisfied are you with (name of the app)?
    a. Very satisfied
    b. Satisfied
    c. Dissatisfied
    d. Very Dissatisfied
  2. What can we do to improve?
    Collect text feedback from an user.

    Using the feedback received, the ratings dashboard shows an app satisfaction score and comments.
    – If a user has been active for at least three days within the first 14 days after signing up, they will be prompted
    – If a user has been active for six days in the recent 90-day period, they will also be prompted.
    – Users are not prompted more than once in a 90-day period for the same app.

The app’s satisfaction score is determined by considering the responses marked as “Very Satisfied” and subtracting the percentage of responses marked as “Dissatisfied” or “Very Dissatisfied.” The overall NSAT score is calculated as follows:

100 + (%Very Satisfied) – (%Dissatisfied) – (%Very Dissatisfied)

App satisfaction is measured on a scale ranging from 0 to 200, with the following interpretations:

  • A score from 1 to 100 is considered poor.
  • A score from 100 to 140 is considered fair.
  • A score from 140 to 160 is considered good.
  • A score from 160 to 200 is considered world-class.

The daily app satisfaction score is calculated by considering the total responses received in the past 28 days. Trends are shown for 1 to a maximum of 90 days, depending on when the app was first published and when the first response was received. This score gives a visual representation of how the satisfaction level has been changing over time. It’s recommended to utilize this feature to assess the impact of updates on the app and track improvements in user experience.
Further, the App Rating can track the satisfaction score by Browser and Device.

  1. Satisfaction by browser: The app ratings feature also provides a comparison among various browsers. It can recognize different browser types such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Scores for browsers that cannot be identified are categorized under “Others.”
  2. Satisfaction by device: The app score is categorized based on device types: web, mobile, or others. Tablets are considered under the mobile category for scoring purposes. The “Others” option is used to categorize the score for devices that cannot be identified.

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