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Improve productivity with the Canvas App keyboard shortcuts

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Canvas App keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for developers & makers in Canvas App

Below is the detailed list of keyboard shortcuts available in Canvas App.

Sr NumberKeyboard ShortcutAction in Canvas App
1EnterAllows you to execute the selected command present in the component
2TabAllows you to move between commands on the selected tab and then to the next tab
3Alt+IAllows you to select the Insert tab
4Ctrl+O (or Alt+F)Allows you to open a file
5Ctrl+Shift+S (or Alt+P)Allows you to save the app with a different name
6Ctrl+Shift+PAllows you to save the app and activate the publish dialog
7Ctrl+SAllows you to save the app with the same name or for the first time
8F12Allows you to download the app file (.msapp)
9Alt+FAllows you to open the File menu
10Ctrl+AAllows you to select all components available on screen
11Ctrl+XAllows you to cut components
12Ctrl+CAllows you to copy components
13Ctrl+VAllows you to paste components
14Ctrl+ZAllows you to undo an action
15Ctrl+YAllows you to redo an action
16Ctrl+MAllows you to add a new screen
17Ctrl+= or Ctrl+Shift+=Allows you to zoom In
18Ctrl+- or Ctrl+Shift+-Allows you to zoom out
19Ctrl+0Allows you to fit canvas to page
20Shift+EnterAllows you to break a line in a formula
21F5Allows you to open an App in preview mode
22EscAllows you to close Preview mode, a dialog box, or a flyout pane
23TabAllows you to select the next control
24Ctrl+Click or Shift+ClickAllows you to select multiple objects at once
25Right arrowAllows you to nudge the selected control to the right
26Left arrowAllows you to udge the selected control to the left
27Up arrowAllows you to nudge the selected control up
28Down arrowAllows you to nudge the selected control down
29F2Allows you to rename a control
30EscAllows you to cancel renaming a control of a tree view pane
31Ctrl+GAllows you to group/ungroup controls of a tree view pane
32Ctrl+]Allows you to bring a control forward
33Ctrl+[Allows you to send a control backward
34Shift+Left arrowAllows you to decrease width
35Ctrl+Shift+Left arrowAllows you toecrease width slightly
36Shift+Down arrowAllows you to decrease height
37Ctrl+Shift+Down arrowAllows you to decrease height slightly
38Shift+Right arrowAllows you to increase width
39Shift+Up arrowAllows you to increase height
40Ctrl+Shift+Up arrowAllows you to increase height slightly
41Ctrl+BAllows you to cycle through levels of bold of a text
42Ctrl+IAllows you to turn a text’s italic on or off
43Ctrl+UAllows you to add or remove underline from a text
44F1Allows you to open the documentation
45Ctrl+F6Allows you to navigate to the next landmark
46Ctrl+Shift+F6Allows you to navigate to the previous landmark
47Shift+F10Allows you to open a shortcut menu (Such as Tree view)

Thus, we learned the available keyboard shortcuts to boost productivity in Canvas App.

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