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Integrate Copilot control into a Canvas App

In this blog post, we will learn to add and integrate Copilot Control into a Canvas App, enhancing its functionality and user experience. Before we begin, ensure you subscribe to CRM Crate to remain informed about the latest developments in the Power Platform field.

Integrate Copilot control into a Canvas App

Microsoft is integrating the power of Copilot into Power Apps for both app creators and users. With Copilot, you can build an app, along with its data, simply by describing what you need through a series of conversations. From the very first screen, your apps will feature Copilot-driven experiences, allowing users to uncover insights through conversations instead of clicks. In this blogpost, we will learn to add this power tool “Copilot” into a Canvas App.

Integrating Copilot into a Canvas App

The Copilot control is a cutting-edge AI assistant designed for seamless integration into your canvas app. It offers users an interactive chat experience driven by advanced AI, enabling them to gain insights into their app’s data through natural language conversations. App creators can easily incorporate this control into any canvas app and specify the data it can access and provide information on.

Follow the below steps for adding a Copilot control in your Canvas App:

Step 1: Activate Copilot for your environment

  1. Login to Power Platform Admin Center ( with a valid administrative access.
  2. Navigate to Environment tab, select an environment of your choice.
  3. Navigate to Settings >> Product >> Feature.
  4. Turn on the setting “Allow users to analyze data using an AI-powered chat experience in canvas and model-driven apps“.

Step 2: Activate the Copilot component for a canvas app

  1. Open Power App Maker Portal (
  2. Open an existing or a new Canvas App as per your choice.
  3. Navigate to Settings >> Upcoming Features.
  4. Search for setting called “Copilot Component” and enable it.
Integrate Copilot control into a Canvas App

Step 3: Insert copilot control into your Canvas App

  1. Add the Copilot control to your canvas app to enable end users to gain insights into their data through a chat experience.
  2. In the app authoring menu, choose Insert, then select Copilot to add this control. Select a source for your copilot control
  3. Save and publish your Canvas App.
Integrate Copilot control into a Canvas App
Integrate Copilot control into a Canvas App

Microsoft Copilot can significantly enhance the development experience within a Canvas app. Its ability to generate code snippets, provide real-time suggestions, and streamline repetitive tasks not only increases productivity but also promotes code consistency and reduces errors. With Copilot, developers can focus more on solving business problems and less on writing boilerplate code, ultimately leading to faster delivery of high-quality applications.

Demonstration of Copilot component in a Canvas App

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