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Understanding the concept of parallel branch in the Power Automate

We will learn and understand the concept of parallel branch in the Power Automate. Before we start, make sure to subscribe to CRM Crate so that you stay updated in field of Dynamics 365.

parallel branching in the Power Automate

What is parallel branching in Microsoft flow?

Initially, the Power Automate used to only have the sequential operation capabilities. Later In year 2017, Microsoft had announced that the Power Automate or Flow can support the parallel operations. With the new parallel branching capabilities, we can now perform more advance and concurrent operations in the Power Automate.

Why do we need a parallel branch?

As we discussed above, we can now perform multiple independent operations in a single flow using the “Parallel Branch” capability. Consider an example where we need to make multiple HTTP web service request in a single flow without having any dependencies with each other. We can leverage the parallel branching feature to call multiple HTTP request separately with no inter-dependencies with each other.

Create and utilize the parallel branching in Power Automate flow –

  • Open the Power Automate studio and create a new flow as shown below.
  • Choose any operation, in our case we have selected a HTTP request action as shown below.
  • Considering our scenario of running multiple HTTP requests in a parallel manner, click on the (+) icon below the flow trigger and select “Add a parallel branch” to add a new operational branch.
  • We can now add a new action in the newly created parallel branch. The actions present in the parallel branches are not having any dependencies with each other hence they were executed separately.

How many parallel branches can we create in a single flow?

According to the Microsoft Power Automate Limitation library, the maximum count of parallel branches in a single Power Automate flow is “50“.

Thus we learned and implemented a demonstration of parallel branches in the Power Automate.

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