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Understanding & using a Change Set Request in Power Automate

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Understanding & using a Change Set Request in Power Automate

What is Change set request?

Power Automate’s Dataverse connector includes an action named “Perform a changeset request”. This action provides a way to bundle several operations that either succeed or fail as a group.

When multiple execution or operations are contained in a single change set, then all the operations are considered atomic. This means that if any one of the operations fails, any completed operations are rolled back to their original states.

Using a Change set request in Power Automate

Follow the below given steps for using and understanding Change set request in Power Automate.

  • Open Power Automate studio ( and navigate to your flow.
  • Select the dataverse connector and search for “Perform a changeset request” as shown below.
Change Set Request in Power Automate
  • Select the “Perform a changeset request” to add its scope to your flow. Further click on  “Add an action”.
Change Set Request in Power Automate
  • When you select “Add an action”, you’ll see just the following given actions:
  1. Add a new row
  2. Delete a row
  3. Update a row
Change Set Request in Power Automate
  • Other than the above specified three actions, you cannot have additional built-in actions inside of a change set scope because all actions are evaluated together in Dataverse. You will see that there are no arrows between each of the actions, this indicates that there are no dependencies between these actions and they all will execute at once.

As a conclusion, we can use the “Perform a change request” action to execute the operations parallelly and rolling back the completed operations if any other running operation present in the scope are failed.

Thus, we learned and understood the usage of Change Set Request in Power Automate.

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1 year ago

How to get the created record Guid from previous step and set that in next action inside change set request.

1 year ago
Reply to  sravan

Unfortunately as of now you won’t get dynamic content of those actions inside the changeset request batch.

2 months ago

Perhaps it would have been a more helpful example if it had demonstrated error handling?

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