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What are Process Arguments in Action?

What is Process Argument?

The process arguments in an Action signifies the data transfer agents which can regulate the data within the Action. In simple words, the process arguments help data to be flowed within the Action. This data can be utilized between different logic deriving engines such as JavaScript, plugins or workflows. We can find the process argument section within the Action template.

Types of Process Argument.

There are two types of process arguments which are input process arguments and output process arguments.

The input process arguments provides input data to the Action while the out process argument feeds the data from external engines such as plugins into the Action.

Data types in Process Argument.

Process arguments supports various data types which are been listed below.

Booleantrue or false value.
DateTimeA value that stores date and time information.
DecimalA number value with decimal precision. Used when precision is extremely important.
EntityA record for the specified entity. When you select Entity, the drop-down is enabled and allows you to select the entity type.
EntityCollectionA collection of entity records.
EntityReferenceAn object that contains the name, ID, and type of an entity record that uniquely identifies it. When you select EntityReference, the drop-down is enabled and allows you to select the entity type.
FloatA number value with decimal precision. Used when data comes from a measurement that isn’t absolutely precise.
IntegerA whole number.
MoneyA value that stores data about an amount of money.
PicklistA value that represents an option for an OptionSet attribute.

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