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What are database containers in Azure Cosmos DB?

In this course, we will learn what are the database containers and items in Azure Cosmos DB. Before we start, make sure to go through the below course.

What are database containers?

An Azure Cosmos database is a unit of management for a set of containers. A database consists of a set of schema-agnostic containers. A container is horizontally partitioned within all sets of machines within an Azure region and is segregated and distributed across all Azure regions associated with your Azure Cosmos account.

What are database containers

Structural significance of Cosmos DB Database Containers

Structural significance of database containers

As you can see in the above image, the “Database Accounts” is your main Cosmos DB account. The Cosmos DB Account have the child “Databases” which are the actual databases. Later the databases have the child as “Containers”, these containers are the tables where the data is stored, the components under the containers are the generic table specific elements such as stored procedures, triggers, conflicts etc.

Each API have their own Azure Cosmos entity structure. If you refer the above table, you will notice that the SQL API follows the Database – Container structure, the Cassandra API follows the Keyspace – Table structure, MongoDB API follows the Database – Collection structure, Gremlin API follows the Database – Graph structure and the Table API straight forwardly follows the Table structure.

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