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One Note Integration

OneNote is one of the most power tool which is used to track the notes and activities. It is used by  millions of people around the world already have on their computers.

Microsoft OneNote cheat sheet | Computerworld

OneNote is a permanent part of Microsoft Office since 2003. The familiar software package includes useful programs such as Microsoft Word for word processing, Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets,

Integrating OneNote with CRM Dynamics 365 increases the overall efficiency of the business as the users are now powered with the tool which will help them keeping all their notes and tasks in one secured place and can access those same notes even outside the CRM.

Lets start setting up the OneNote integration in your Dynamics 365. Navigate to CRM Dynamics 365 >> Settings >> Document Management.

Now we have to link the SharePoint site where we have to attach our OneNote files. To achieve that, navigate to Document Management Settings.

Select the entities which you want to enable for SharePoint integration and enter your dedicated SharePoint URL.

Now follow the wizard and click on Next. Here your select entities list will get uploaded on SharePoint as folder. Once system gives success message click on finish. Now again navigate back to Document Management tab.

Here inside the document management click on OneNote Integration.

Select the list of entities on which you want the users to link their OneNote and click on Finish. The OneNote integration is successfully completed for the selected entities.

To validate the integration, open any of the above selected entity record. In our case we will open the Account record. In the Account record navigate to Timeline and click on + New button. Here system will display list of activities along with our integrated OneNote.

Click on the OneNote button. Now you will be redirected to the SharePoint site where the OneNote file is automatically uploaded against your Account record.

Every time the user opens the OneNote from that particular Account record, the system will automatically re-direct him / her to this static SharePoint OneNote file.

For more information click on the link.

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