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Access the Dynamics 365 data in SQL Database

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Access the Dynamics 365 data in SQL Server Database

Prerequisites for accessing Dynamics 365 data from SQL Server Database

Below are the key prerequisites for accessing D365 data in SQL Server Database.

Validate the version & TDS settings

Let us now validate the environment version and TDS settings.

  • Open the Dynamics 365 CE and click on Settings >> About as shown below.
  • Verify if your environment version is above 9.1 as shown below.

Connect the Dynamics 365 in SQL Management Studio

Server TypeDatabase Engine
Server Name<Dynamics 365 URL>,5558

For example: –, 5558
AuthenticationAzure Active Directory – Password
User NameYour administrator user name
Password Your administrator password
  • Once connected, you can access the database in read-only mode.
  • Due to limited access, you can only perform the below given operations.

List of operations –

Batch operations 
Aggregate operations like COUNT() and MIN() or MAX()
  • Below are the Dynamics 365 & SQL Server snapshot of data present in the “Sample Entity”
Dynamics 365 Advance Find Data
SQL Server Data

Thus we learned to access the Dynamics 365 data in SQL Server Database.

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