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What is site map in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

The site map in Microsoft Dynamics CRM defines the primary user navigational structure found along the left side panel of the CRM user interface. It basically denotes the navigation for your app. The system Site Map entity is used to store the information about the site map, and the SiteMap.SiteMapXml attribute stores the XML that defines the site map.

The Site map is completely configurable so that you can modify and design the sitemap of your organization according to your need, and this navigation options can be modified by editing the site map XML when exported in a solution.

Why do you need to edit and customize the Sitemap?

  • Link a site map option to a view.
  • Open a web resource
  • Add/remove default CRM areas/subareas (like sales or service etc)
  • Send user to external application
  • Add/remove options to CRM functionality and navigation.

How can we customize the sitemap?

  • By using OOTB site map designer. 
  • By using a 3rd party tool such as Sitemap Editor.
  • By editing the site map XML when exported in a solution.

The site map designer lets you to define the area, subarea, and group titles in the languages supported by the environment.

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