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How to customize the default site map in Microsoft CRM?

We will learn to customize and create site map using the Site Map designer in Dynamics 365 is the visual editor to update site map for your CRM application. The site map designer in dynamics 365 lets user to drag and drop the components in the designer, view the preview of your added changes and instant publishing of your sitemap. With the new designer layout, the administrator or the developers can easily create the site map within fraction of hours.

How to customize the Site Map?

Open your Dynamics CRM >> Navigate to the Settings >> Customization >> Click on Customize the System.

Now click on Client Extension. Here you can find the existing default sitemap which is running in your CRM. Here click on “Site Map” and open it.

Now the site map designer window should get opened and display as above. Here we can found that the existing site map which contains all of your module areas such as Sales, Service, Marketing, Training and Settings.

On the right hand side we have the component panel which have elements such as Area, Group and Sub Area. 

As shown in above image, the component “Area” defines the main name of the module such as “Sales” and “Service”.

The component “Group” defines the header or Label below the main area.

The component “Sub Area” defines the actual clickable element which can be the dashboard, entity, webresource or URL.

If you want to add / remove / modify any of the site map components then simply drag the component from the component panel and place it wherever you want in the sitemap. Once you finish with modification, save and publish the sitemap so that it can be visible in the UI.

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