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A Comprehensive licensing guide for AI Builders in Power Platform

In this blogpost, we will understand the licensing guide and credit management system for Power Platform AI Builders. Prior to diving in, ensure you subscribe to CRM Crate for the latest updates in the Power Platform arena.

A Comprehensive licensing guide for AI Builders in Power Platform

AI Builder is a powerful tool within the Power Platform that allows users to easily incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into their applications and workflows. It’s designed to make AI accessible to a wider range of users, including those without extensive technical expertise in data science or machine learning.

With AI Builder, you can create AI models for various tasks such as predicting outcomes, detecting objects in images, recognizing text, and automating processes based on AI insights. The platform offers pre-built models that you can customize to suit your specific needs, as well as the ability to train your own models using your data. One of the key benefits of AI Builder is its integration with other Power Platform tools like Power Apps and Power Automate. This means you can seamlessly incorporate AI capabilities into your apps and workflows without needing to switch between different platforms or write complex code.

Licensing plan for AI Builders

Before starting with AI Builder licenses, users also need to understand the concept of AI Builder credits. AI Builder credits are units that govern the usage and consumption of AI Builder features beyond the included limits of the license. These credits are consumed based on factors such as the complexity of AI models, the frequency of usage, and the volume of data processed.

Here’s a breakdown of key aspects related to AI Builder credits:

  1. Credit Allocation: Upon purchasing an AI Builder Premium license, organizations receive a certain allocation of credits based on the subscription plan. These credits are renewable and can be used to create and run AI models within the Power Platform environment.
  2. Credit Consumption: When users create or consume AI models beyond the included limits of their license, AI Builder credits are consumed. The consumption rate varies depending on factors such as the type of AI model (pre-built or custom), the size of datasets processed, and the frequency of model usage.
  3. Monitoring and Management: Organizations can monitor their AI Builder credit usage through the Power Platform admin center. This visibility enables them to track consumption, optimize resource allocation, and manage credits effectively to avoid unexpected overages.
  4. Credit Replenishment: AI Builder credits are replenished periodically based on the subscription plan. Organizations can also purchase additional credits if they anticipate higher AI usage or need to scale their AI initiatives rapidly.

AI Builder credits by license

LicenseNumber of creditsRules
AI Builder add-on (T1, T2, T3)1,000,000None.
Power Apps Premium500Maximum = 1,000,000 credits per tenant.
Power Apps per app250Maximum = 1,000,000 credits per tenant.
Power Automate Premium5,000Maximum = 1,000,000 credits per tenant.
Power Automate Process5,000Maximum = 1,000,000 credits per tenant.
Power Automate Hosted RPA add-on5,000Maximum = 1,000,000 credits per tenant.
Power Automate Unattended RPA add-on5,000Maximum = 1,000,000 credits per tenant.
Dynamics 365 F&O20,000Maximum = 20,000 credits per tenant.

Monitoring AI Builder Credit Usage

As an administrator, you have the ability to check your total credit usage within the Power Platform Admin Center by navigating to the Resources > Capacity > Summary tab. The Allocation bar and the Consumption bar indicate the amount of allocated credits and used credits from the total purchased credits.

licensing guide for AI Builders in Power Platform

Extensions of credits are not included in the count of purchased credits. Administrators can also utilize a consumption report with the following functionalities:
1. Provides the AI credits consumption on a chosen period per environment.
2. Allows you to fine-tune the credits allocation, which can be updated at any time.
3. Allows administrators to check the consumption level of an environment for the current month by adding all consumptions of this environment.

Understanding AI Builder credit consumption

Here are some AI Builder actions that use up credits. Please note that this list isn’t all inclusive, and preview scenarios do not use credits.

licensing guide for AI Builders in Power Platform

In conclusion, Power Platform AI Builder offers a powerful toolkit for democratizing AI and driving tangible business outcomes. With the right combination of licensing, credits management, and best practices, organizations can harness the full potential of AI to transform processes, enhance productivity, and stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.

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