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Understanding & configuring the Dataverse Search in Dynamics 365

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Understanding & configuring the Dataverse Search in Dynamics 365

Dataverse search provides a fast and comprehensive search results in a single application based list, sorted by the relevance. With Dataverse Search enabled, a search box is always available at the top of every page in all the model-driven apps in the environment as shown below.

Below are the primary benefits of Dataverse Search.

Suggested results as you type

Finds what you’re looking for and shows you the top results, as you type.

Fast and accurate search

Provides a precise and quick search experience for model-driven apps, and performance that’s superior to quick find search, formerly known as categorized search

Better matching

Finds matches to any word in the search term for columns in a table. Provides a better user experience compared to quick find search, where all words in the search term must be found in one column.


Finds matches that include inflectional words such as streamstreaming, or streamed.

Understanding of underlying data

Understands data types like Choice and Lookup, so it can effectively interpret a search query that includes multiple search terms.

Search across documents in Microsoft Dataverse

Includes search results for text in documents that are stored in Dataverse such as PDF, Microsoft Office documents, HTML, XML, ZIP, EML, plain text, and JSON file formats. It also searches text in notes and attachments.

Operators for advanced search

Lets you use simple Boolean operators in your search term and craft the query to get the results you want.


Applies AI technology to interpret natural language such as misspellings, common abbreviations, and synonyms to deliver quality results.

How to enable Dataverse Search in Dynamics 365?

Dataverse search is an self selection based feature which is set to ON by default with 2021 release wave 2, on all production environments, except those using their own encryption key.

Follow the below steps to enable Dataverse Search in your organization.

  • Open the Power Platform admin center and select an environment of your choice.
  • Select an environment and click on Settings as shown below.
  • Navigate to Products >> Features as shown below.
  • In the environment features, navigate to the Dataverse Search section and enable it.

Setup tables for Dataverse Search

Once the Dataverse Search has been enabled for an environment, we need to setup the tables for the Dataverse Search so that the rows gets indexed within the search results.

Follow the below steps for indexing the tables in Dataverse.

  • Open and sign in to the Power App studio (
  • Navigate to the solution explorer and open the solution of your choice.
  • In the solution, click on the “Overview” tab and click on the button “Manage search index” as shown below.
  • Now select the table / entity of your choice and click on Save.
  • There is no limit on how many tables you can index for Dataverse search, there is a limit on the total number of fields that can be enabled for Dataverse search. The maximum is 1,000 searchable fields for an organization. Out of these 1,000 fields, up to 50 fields are required by the Dataverse search system, so you can configure up to 950 searchable fields.

Validate the Dataverse Search in Dynamics 365

Once the Dataverse Search has been configured, let us know validate the implementation in Dynamics 365 as shown below.

Thus, we learned & configured the Dataverse Search in Dynamics 365.

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