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What are complex tables in Power Apps / Dynamics 365?

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What are complex tables in Power Apps / Dynamics 365?

Understanding Complex Tables in Power Platform

The complex tables are the dataverse tables or entities that include the following complex server-side logic require users of an app or flow that uses these tables to have a Power Apps Plan 2 or Power Automate Plan 2 license:

Real-time workflows

Workflows automate business processes without a user interface. They are usually used to initiate an automation that doesn’t require any user interaction. The real-time workflows are synchronous in nature and are executed in real-time.
Click here to learn more about workflows.

Code plug-ins

plug-in is a requirement specific custom event handler that executes in response to a specific event raised during processing of a Microsoft Dataverse data operation within the dataverse. The plug-in is implemented as a custom class compiled into a .NET Framework assembly that can be uploaded and registered with Dataverse. One or more compiled plug-in classes within an assembly can be registered on specific events (steps) within the Dataverse event framework.
Click here to learn more about Code plug-ins.

Licensing for complex tables

The complex tables are applicable only  for the legacy Power Apps Plan 1 and Plan 2 licenses, and not for the latest Power Apps per app and Power Apps per user plans.

The following table lists tables that contain complex server-side logic out-of-the-box as part of the installation of customer engagement apps in Dynamics 365 (Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing, and Project Service Automation).

  • Account
  • Agreement
  • Agreement Booking Date
  • Agreement Booking Incident
  • Agreement Booking Product
  • Agreement Booking Service
  • Agreement Booking Service Task
  • Agreement Booking Setup
  • Agreement Invoice Date
  • Agreement Invoice Product
  • Agreement Invoice Setup
  • Agreement Sub-Status
  • Bookable Resource
  • Bookable Resource Booking
  • Bookable Resource Booking Header
  • Bookable Resource Category
  • Bookable Resource Category Assn
  • Bookable Resource Characteristic
  • Bookable Resource Group
  • Booking Alert
  • Booking Alert Status
  • Booking Status
  • Characteristic
  • Competency Requirement (Deprecated)
  • Competitor
  • Contact
  • Customer Asset
  • Delegation
  • Expense
  • Field Computation
  • Field Service Price List Item
  • Filter
  • Follow
  • Incident Type
  • Incident Type Product
  • Incident Type Service
  • Incident Type Service Task
  • Integration Job
  • Integration Job Detail
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Adjustment Product
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Invoice
  • Invoice Frequency
  • Invoice Line
  • Invoice Line Detail
  • Journal
  • Journal Line
  • Lead
  • Note
  • OData v4 Data Source
  • Opportunity
  • Opportunity Line
  • Opportunity Line Detail
  • Order
  • Order Invoicing Product
  • Order Invoicing Setup
  • Order Line
  • Payment
  • Payment Detail
  • Post Configuration
  • Post Rule Configuration
  • Postal Code
  • Price List
  • Price List Item
  • Product
  • Project
  • Project Approval
  • Project Contract Line Detail
  • Project Contract Line Milestone
  • Project Contract Line Resource Category
  • Project Contract Line Transaction Category
  • Project Parameter
  • Project Stages
  • Project Task Status User
  • Project Team Member Sign-Up
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Bill
  • Purchase Order Product
  • Purchase Order Receipt
  • Purchase Order Receipt Product
  • Purchase Order Sub Status
  • Queue Item
  • Quote
  • Quote Booking Incident
  • Quote Booking Product
  • Quote Booking Service
  • Quote Booking Service Task
  • Quote Booking Setup
  • Quote Invoicing Product
  • Quote Invoicing Setup
  • Quote Line
  • Quote Line Detail
  • Quote Line Milestone
  • Quote Line Resource Category
  • Quote Line Transaction Category
  • Quote Project Price List
  • Rating Model
  • Rating Value
  • Requirement Characteristic
  • Requirement Resource Category
  • Requirement Resource Preference
  • Requirement Status
  • Resource Request
  • Resource Requirement
  • Resource Requirement Detail
  • RMA
  • RMA Product
  • RMA Receipt
  • RMA Receipt Product
  • RMA Sub-Status
  • Role competency requirement
  • Role Price
  • RTV
  • RTV Product
  • RTV Sub-Status
  • Tax Code
  • Tax Code Detail
  • Time Entry
  • Time Group
  • Time Group Detail
  • Time Off Request
  • Transaction Category Price
  • User
  • View
  • Wall View
  • Warehouse
  • Work Order
  • Work Order Incident
  • Work Order Product
  • Work Order Service
  • Work Order Service Task
  • Work Order Sub-Status
  • Work template

Thus, we learned the usage & concept of complex tables in Power Apps / Dynamics 365.

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