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Understanding workflow in CRM Dynamics 365

A workflow in Dynamics 365 is a process which defines series of functions or methods, called steps which are operated sequentially. The Workflow can change the processing direction by using conditionals, referred to as conditional branches. A workflow is an pro efficient tool for managing both data and processes. With help of workflows, we can easily ensure that certain

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Dynamics 365 | Create a basic workflow

Previously we learnt what is a workflow. Now let us learn how to create a basic workflow. In CRM Dynamics 365, navigate to settings. Under process center click on the tab “Processes”. In processes click on New to create a new workflow process. Provide name to your workflow and navigate / click on the field

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Difference between background and real time workflows

As mentioned in our previous post there are two types of workflows, the background or asynchronous workflow and the real-time or synchronous workflow. Below is the difference between background and real-time workflow. REAL TIME WORKFLOWS BACKGROUND WORKFLOWS 1. Rolls back all changes if it fails. 1. Will not roll back changes if it fails. 2.

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What is On-Demand workflow? Create and run an On-Demand workflow

As the name suggest, the On-Demand workflow is the workflow which user runs on the demand. In other words the on demand workflow runs when there is a manually trigger made to run the workflow. This manual trigger can be accomplished via OOTB advance find or via JavaScript. Now lets create an On-Demand workflow. Navigate

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How to call a workflow from JavaScript?

We can easily call a workflow from a JavaScript code. For this we will need the workflow GUID and the GUID of the record from which you will trigger the workflow.Note : – Click the checkbox “Child Process” in order to call the workflow externally via JavaScript. Below code demonstrates how to call the workflow

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How to debug a workflow in Dynamics 365 CRM?

Debugging is the essential part of development as it shows the areas which are failing and the areas which are succeeding. In order to debug the work, firstly disable the checkbox “Automatically delete completed workflow jobs (to save disk space)”. Disabling this checkbox will generate the process session logs even if the workflow is succeeded.

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