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We will learn the basic difference between synchronous and asynchronous plugins in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Before we start, go through the below links to understand core concepts of plugins.

Synchronous Vs Asynchronous plugins

Synchronous Plugins Asynchronous Plugins
Synchronous plugins are executed by the CRM Core System. Asynchronous plugins are executed by asynchronous service.
Synchronous execution means that triggering event will wait until the plugins finishes the execution. Asynchronous plug-ins allow triggering event to finish before plugins code runs.
Can only run for 2 minutes. Can only run for 2 minutes.
Block user until completed. Doesn’t block user from seeing the result of operation.
Can modify data before Dynamics 365 persists. Modifications happened after operation so update call is required.
It has minimal overhead to manage call. It has extra overhead to track queued background operation
Can run post operation and pre-operation Can run post-operation and pre-operation



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