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Building your Power Apps with AI Copilot [Tutorial]

In this tutorial, we will explore the all new AI Copilot and discover how to create Power Apps with its assistance. Before we start, make sure to subscribe to CRM Crate so that you can stay up to date in the field of Power Platform.

Building your Power Apps with AI Copilot [Tutorial]

Introducing the capabilities of AI Copilot to empower both app creators and the end-users of Power Apps. With Copilot, you can construct an application, complete with its underlying data, by simply describing your requirements through a series of conversational steps. Your applications will feature Copilot-driven functionalities right from the initial screen, enabling your users to unearth insights through conversation rather than relying on mouse-clicks.

What are the prerequisites for using the AI Copilot feature in Power Apps?

The following are prerequisites to access the copilot waitlist for this preview as given below.

Serial NumberPrerequisites 
1Your Power App environment must be in the United States region.
2User account must have English (United States) as the browser language.
3Microsoft Dataverse database must be present for your environment
4In order to utilize AI models or features that rely on AI models, it is necessary to have AI Builder enabled within your environment.
1. Sign in to the Power Platform admin center
2. Within the admin center, go to Environments > [select an environment of your preference] > Settings > Product > Features.
3. On the Features settings page, under AI Builder, enable or disable AI Builder preview models.
Building your Power Apps with AI Copilot [Tutorial]

Follow the below steps if you want to disable the AI Copilot feature in Power Apps for your Tenant

  1. Sign in to the Power Platform admin center.
  2. Click on Settings > Tenant settings in the left-side navigation pane.
  3. Select Copilot (preview) > set the toggle to Off > Save.

Follow the below steps if you want to disable the AI Copilot feature in Power Apps for your environment

  1. Sign in to the Power Platform admin center
  2. In the left-side navigation pane Environment.
  3. Select the environment and on the command bar, select Settings.
  4. Set the toggle to Off for Copilot.

Building an App with AI Copilot

Now, let’s harness the capabilities of AI to develop Power Apps. Please outline the app you wish to create, and AI will assist in its design and construction.

Utilizing the Copilot functionality within Power Apps, you receive in-app support through natural language processing to facilitate the development of your application.

The AI assistant is accessible directly from the Power Apps main interface. By communicating your requirements to the AI assistant, such as the type of data you need to gather, monitor, or present, the assistant will create a Dataverse table and employ it to construct your canvas app.

Building your Power Apps with AI Copilot [Tutorial]
Follow the below steps for building your own Power App with help of artificial intelligence.

Step 1: Create an app with the help of AI

1. Sign in to Power Apps ( with admin or maker account.
2. Here you will see a text box which captures the user input feed and supplies the information to AI Copilot.
3. For demo purpose, we will table with named ‘CRM Crate Warehouse’. For achieving this, enter the same text in the AI text box.
4. Click on send icon. Now, a Dataverse table with data that includes typical warehouse tasks is created for you.
copilot build power app

Step 2: Examine the table associated with your application.

As per your description, AI creates a table for your application, and you can perform the following actions:
1. Suggestions: These actions are recommendations for tasks you can request the AI assistant to perform in order to assist you in finalizing the table.
2. View column: Select to view the column name.
3. Edit table name: View the table name and its properties.
4. Copilot: Enter text to instruct the AI assistant on how to modify the table, such as remove room type column.
5. Create app: Select Create app to create an app based on the table or select Cancel to start over.
copilot build power app

Step 3: View & Edit your newly created App

1. The Copilot panel becomes accessible within Power Apps Studio when you’re in the process of editing a canvas app.
2. You can modify your app’s elements by instructing Copilot on the specific adjustments you’d like to implement, such as adding a screen, setting up navigation, styling a single control, or conducting bulk edits.
3. After editing, you can play your Power App by clicking on the ‘Play’ button.
copilot build power app
power app copilot

AI Copilot supports the commands on the below given Power App controls.

  1. Screen
  2. Gallery
  3. Horizontal and Vertical containers
  4. Edit form
  5. Button
  6. Text label
  7. Text input

Below are some sample commands you can try with Copilot in your Power App.

Add a new screen using templateAdding a new email screen
Add a new screen using templateAdding a new screen
Add a new screen using templateAdd a new screen with header body and footer
Add/edit/style a controlAdd a new button
Add/edit/style a controlChange selected button to have width 100
Add/edit/style a controlAdd a new icon
Add/edit/style a controlAdd a new text label
Bulk editingChange all buttons to gray
Bulk editingChange all labels in the selected container to be red
Working with containersAdd a button to the selected container
Templatized formulasWhen clicking on Button1, show screen 2

In conclusion, the Power App AI Copilot is a valuable tool that streamlines app development and enhances the user experience by providing intelligent recommendations and support throughout the app creation process.

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