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How to loop in Canvas App using ForAll function?

Here you will learn to loop in Canvas App using ForAll Power FX function. Before we start, make sure to subscribe to CRM Crate so that you can stay up to date in the field of Power Platform.

How to loop in Canvas App using ForAll function?

Canvas apps in Microsoft Power Apps provide a powerful platform for creating custom apps without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Among the plethora of functions available, the ForAll function stands out as a game-changer. This function allows users to iterate through a table of data, performing actions on each record of a table. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the ForAll function, exploring its capabilities and understanding how it can be harnessed to enhance the functionality of your Canvas apps.

Understanding ForAll Power FX function

The ForAll function assesses a formula across all the rows in a table, allowing the calculation of values and execution of actions, such as data modification or interaction with a connection. In simpler terms, it assesses a specific functionality for each row within a given table, collection, or database.

Within the PowerApps ForAll function, both the input and return values are identical. This implies that the applied input value will be returned as is. For example, in the context of a For loop, when iterating loop on a table, the resulting value will be the same table. Moreover, you have the flexibility to utilize a collection or a single-column table as well. If the returned value is a null value, there won’t be any record in the resulting table.

ForAll(Table, Formula)

Table – It is a required parameter and should contain a table which needs to be acted upon.
Formula – It is a required parameter and should contain a formula to evaluate for all records of the Table.

In this demo, we will apply ForAll loop on a collection and multiply the collection value as per the user input. Below is the collection where we are storing numeric values [“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”].

Further, we have created another collection where the values from original collection will be multiplied by the user values. The below Power FX function iterates a FOR loop on the collection and multiplies it with user’s input numeric value.

ForAll(Collection.AllItems, Value * MultiplyDropDown.SelectedText.Value)

The below animation demonstrates our Canvas Application iterating loops on a collection.

In conclusion, the ForAll function in Power FX within a canvas app serves as a powerful tool for efficiently processing and manipulating data tables. It enables the application of specific operations or formulas to each record within a table, providing a versatile mechanism for data iteration and transformation.

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