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In this blogpost, we will learn to convert & transform a regular number into a currency in Canvas App. Before we begin, ensure you subscribe to CRM Crate to stay updated in the field of Power Platform.

Transform a Regular Number into a Currency text in Canvas App

In Canvas apps within the Power Apps platform, a Text Input control is a user interface element that allows users to input text. It provides a field where users can type text, such as names, descriptions, numbers, or any other textual information required within the app. Since the Text Input showcases a behavior of simply displaying text irrespective of adding any special formatting such as currency. In this article, we will learn to format a Regular Number into a Currency text using Power FX formula.

Using Power FX formula for displaying a regular number in currency format

In a Canvas app in Power Apps, a Power FX formula is basically a set of instructions that you write in a way similar to how you’d explain a task to someone. It’s like giving directions to the app on what to do or how to behave based on different conditions. These formulas can be used for various tasks like setting up data sources, controlling the visibility of elements, performing calculations, and much more.

You can use the below given Power FX formula for converting a regular number in currency.


The below animation demonstrates the conversion of a regular number into a currency format using the above Power FX formula.

Transform a Regular Number into a Currency text in Canvas App

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