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What are iFrames & how to add iFrame in form?

What is an iFrame?

Do you want to add any website or web page within your CRM form? Well for this we can use an iFrame. In Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 the iFrame & web resource configuration controls embed the content from another external location in pages with help of  html  iFrame element. In simple words you can use an iFrame to display the content from another external website in your CRM form.

How to configure iFrame in your CRM?

Lets start with basic where we will display an external website page within our CRM form using iFrame.

  • Open the CRM Dynamics 365, navigate to Settings >> Customizations.
  • Now click on Customize the System. Expand the Entities in the component panel. Select the entity in which you want to add your iFrame. In our case we will select the Account entity and add an iFrame in Account form.
  • Now select the desired form and open it. Once the form editor gets opened navigate to the top panel bar and click on Insert.
  • Here in the Insert control panel, navigate to the button called “IFRAME” and click on it.
  • Now the iFrame property window should get open. Here we will configure our iFrame. 
  • In the General tab fill the necessary information like iFrame name and iFrame label.
  • The main parameter in iFrame is the “URL”. Enter the website / web page url which you have to display in your CRM form. In our example we will choose “”.
  • Navigate to Formatting tab. Select the layout for your iFrame (Dimension of the iFrame). After configuring click on Ok.
  • The iFrame is now successfully placed on the form.
  • We have added the iFrame which will display the “” page in the form. Now lets test the iFrame by saving and publishing the form.

As we can see above, the website is been displayed in a small section of our Account form.

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