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In this course, we will learn how to get and set value in various types of fields using JavaScript in Dynamics 365 CRM. Make sure to go through the below courses below getting started with this one.

Setting values in different types of fields with help of JavaScript

Below are examples where values are getting set in multiple different fields of Dynamics CRM.

function GetSetValue(executionContext) {

    //Initiated Form Context.
    var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();

    //Setting & Getting Value In String Field - Enter The Set Value Parameter As Any Text Value.
    formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").setValue("My Text Valye");
    var variable1 = formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").getValue();

    //Setting & Getting  Value In Option Set Field - Enter The Set Value Parameter As Option Set Value.
    var variable2 = formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").getValue();

    //Setting & Getting  Value In Date Field - Enter The Set Value Parameter In Date Format.
    var strDt = "18-Aug-2015"; 
    var dt = strDt.split('-');
    var day = dt[0];
    var month = dt[1].toLocaleLowerCase();
    var year = dt[2];
    if (month === "jan")
        month = 1;
    else if (month === "feb")
        month = 2;
    else if (month === "mar")
        month = 3;
    else if (month === "apr")
        month = 4;
    else if (month === "may")
        month = 5;
    else if (month === "jun")
        month = 6;
    else if (month === "jul")
        month = 7;
    else if (month === "aug")
        month = 8;
    else if (month === "sep")
        month = 9;
    else if (month === "oct")
        month = 10;
    else if (month === "nov")
        month = 11;
    else if (month === "dec")
        month = 12;
    var actualDate = month + "/" + day + "/" + year;
    var dateData = new Date(actualDate);

    var variable3 = formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").getValue();

    //Setting & Getting  Value In Lookup Field - Enter The Set Value Parameter As Lookup Value.
    var lookUpItem = new Object(); = '7b624C940A-49FF-E711-80FC-XXXXXXXXXXXX'; = 'mycontactname';
    lookUpItem.entityType = 'account';
    Xrm.Page.getAttribute("fieldname").setValue([{ id:, name:, entityType: lookUpItem.entityType }]);
    var variable4 = formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").getValue();

    //Setting & Getting  Value In Multiselect Field - Enter The Set Value Parameter As Multiselect Optionset Value.
    formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").setValue([1003, 1004, 1006]);
    var variable5 = formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").getValue();

    //Setting & Getting  Value In Two Option Field - Enter The Set Value Parameter As Boolean Value.
    var variable6 = formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").getValue();

    //Setting & Getting  Value In Whole Number Field - Enter The Set Value Parameter As Whole Number Value.
    var variable7 = formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").getValue();

    //Setting & Getting  Value In Floating Number Field - Enter The Set Value Parameter As Floating Number Value.
    var variable8 = formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").getValue();

    //Setting & Getting  Value In Currency Field - Enter The Set Value Parameter As Currency Value.
    var variable9 = formContext.getAttribute("fieldname").getValue();


Thus we learned different ways of setting and getting field value using JavaScript in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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