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What is an Enhanced Data Model in Microsoft Power Pages?

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What is an Enhanced Data Model in Microsoft Power Pages?

Power Pages by Microsoft is a secure, enterprise-level, low-code Software as a Service (SaaS) platform tailored for crafting, hosting, and managing contemporary outward-facing business websites. Whether you identify as a low-code enthusiast or a seasoned developer, Power Pages provides the capability to swiftly design, customize, and deploy websites that seamlessly function across various web browsers and devices.

Power Pages offers versatile and customizable templates, a smooth visual design experience via the design studio, and an integrated learning hub, facilitating the swift creation of websites tailored to your specific business requirements.

Understanding the Enhanced Data Model in Power Pages?

The custom tables in the standard data model were designed to optimize the configuration of individual website components, each stored as a record in a dedicated table within Microsoft Dataverse. However, the standard model necessitates extra time for loading various solutions, tables, and metadata during the provisioning of a new site. Additionally, applying updates to website tables in the standard model requires a manual and time-intensive process of implementing package updates.

The enhanced data model comprises a fusion of system tables, non-configuration tables, and virtual tables. Below are the key benefits of enhanced data modal.

  1. Updates of Power Pages enhancements and bug fixes are improved.
  2. Power Pages design studio experiences are faster.
  3. Portal / Website provisioning is faster.
  4. Storing website configurations within solutions enhances the overall Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) experience.

Important Note:

– The Power Pages Management app comes pre-installed on every instance of Microsoft Dataverse in supported regions, even in environments without any Power Pages sites.
– To generate a site using the standard data model, you need to deactivate the enhanced data model within the Power Platform admin center.
– All new Power Pages sites will be created by default using the enhanced data model. 

How to check whether your Power Page site is using the Enhanced Data Model?

Follow the below steps to determine which data model (Standard or Enhanced) your Power Page site is using.

Step 1: Login to Power Platform Admin Center ( with valid credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Resource >> Power Pages Sites >> select your site as per your need >> select Manage. Here, the “Data Model” field in the “Site Details” section indicates which data model is being used.

What is an Enhanced Data Model in Microsoft Power Pages?

How to disable the Enhanced Data Model in Power Pages?

You have an option to refrain from utilizing the advanced data model for site creation by deactivating the “Switch to enhanced data model” option. Disabling the enhanced data model does not eliminate solution packages or delete any websites.

Power Pages sites already established through the enhanced data model remain functional. However, any newly created websites will adhere to the standard data model.

What is an Enhanced Data Model in Microsoft Power Pages?

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