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What are views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

We will learn what are Views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In Dynamics 365 sales we use views to define or describe how a list of entity records are displayed to the users. In other words the Views are used to display the records of a specific entity type depending upon a dedicated filtering criteria in your Dynamics 365 environment.

Below are the elements present in a View.

  • The list columns to be displayed in a View.
  • The width of columns to be displayed in a View.
  • How the list of populated records are sorted by default in a View.
  • What default filters are applied to restrict which records will appear in the list of your View. 

The records that are visible in individual views are displayed in a list format which is also called as “Grid”.

Type of Views.

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, there are three types of Views which are listed below.

  • Public View –

The Public views are the views that come as default within the CRM application. The custom views which CRM creates are also called as public views. In simple words the public views can be defined as a default view. The public view gets displayed as default when an user selects an entity by clicking on it in the navigation pane. The Public View are available to all users with access to that specific entity.

  • System View –

The System Views are similar to the Public views, they too are automatically created by CRM system during the installation. System Views include the Advance Find View, Associated View, Lookup View and Quick Find View. The System Views can be customized by the user but cannot be deleted by the User.

  • Personal Views.

The Personal Views are the views which are created by the users. User can create Personal Views so that they are only visible in their particular CRM environment and is not available for any other users in the same environment. But, the user can share the Personal View to other user or a team or users so that a dedicated team of users can access and use the Personal view. Users can create their own views using the Advanced Find tool and save them as personal views.

This was the basic introduction on what the views are in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Further we will learn how to create a View in Microsoft CRM.

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Hi sir,

Every interview asking a common question

difference between advanced find view and quick find view

can you please explain

Thanking you

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