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Understand & build forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

What are forms? In CRM Dynamics 365 Sales , forms provide the user interface that users use to interact with the data they need to do their respective work. It is essential that the forms user use are designed and framed to allow them to search or enter the information they need responsively. How does

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Add tabs & sections in form

In the content of a form, tabs provide horizontal visual separation. Tabs have a label that can be displayed. If the label is displayed, tabs can be expanded or collapsed to show or hide their content by selecting the label. Before we start make sure you know how to create and configure the forms, if

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Create & configure Sub-Grid in form

What is Sub-Grid? One of the major point about CRM Dynamics 365 is that it allows you to customize entity forms so each entity record displays the information most relevant to your business. It may be helpful for your users to be able to see, at a glance, a certain set of related records when viewing

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Understanding different types of fields in CRM dynamics 365

What are fields? In Dynamics 365 , the fields define the individual data items that can be used to store data in an entity. Fields are often called as attributes by developers or the administrators. We can utilize the customization tools in the solution explorer to edit system fields that allow customization, or to create,

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How to add header and footer in form?

Headers & footers are the one of the most important elements within any web page.Therefore, having header and footers in your Dynamics CRM form can provide great user interface level experience to the user. Here you will learn how to build, add header and footer in the CRM Dynamics 365 form. Creating and adding header

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What are iFrames & how to add iFrame in form?

What is an iFrame? Do you want to add any website or web page within your CRM form? Well for this we can use an iFrame. In Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 the iFrame & web resource configuration controls embed the content from another external location in pages with help of  html  iFrame element. In simple

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